Benefits of Our Reseller Program

Following are the benefits of our domain reseller program:

1) We are an ICANN accredited registrar

As an ICANN accredited domain registrar, we could offer you better connection to the domain registries and their services, as well as better pricing. There are many companies offering domain reseller program who are actually a reseller themselves. This means they will never be able to able to offer you better prices.

2) We are a private label registrar

As a private label registrar, we only provide support and do business directly with our resellers. We will refer all retail customers to one of our resellers and not compete with your business. To help you get started, we provide you with a ready made, private labeled website for you and your resellers.

3) Minimum operating cost

As all your customers' domains are hosted on our servers, you do not have to invest large amount of money in setting up the necessary hardware and software. There are also no ongoing maintenance cost involved since you do not need to maintain and replace your own servers. This will allow you to increase your profits to a higher level.

4) Quality of service

We have invested large amount of money and resources developing one of the best DNS services in the industry. Besides using high quality servers and hardware, we develop our own softwares in house and constantly adding new features that will benefit your customers. You can find a comprehensive API for seamless integration with your business.

5) Fast response

We have always aimed to maintain prompt response to every query sent to our support officers every day of the year. We do not stop working on weekends or public holidays so that you could reach us at any time and any day.

6) Competitive prices

Being able to offer competitive prices in the domain name market is a very crucial aspect of your business. We aim to offer you the best prices and occasional promotional offers to enable you to compete well in this market.



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We are ICANN accredited regsitrar



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